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BEAUTY PARLOUR - Problematising The Body
Beauty Parlour, a play by K S Sreenath, directed by Sreenath and Sajitha, was performed at
Thiruvananthapuram as part of the Theatre Festival during the
Surya Festival 2001 ....
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Written By : Sulaiman Kakkodi. Enacted by : : Sreejith. R. Kollam. Sherry Kuriyan Roy
Designed & Directed By :
Ashokan Oliyakkal

The " tragedy At The Dining Table written by sulaiman kakkodi designed and directed by Ashokan oliyakkal, performed at Hyderabad as part of the " Multi-lingual Theatre festival- 2001"

This play " Tragedy At The Dining Table". written during the early 80's by Sulaiman Kakkodi,truly represents the Amateur competing scenario of the,then Malayalam Stage.

Offcourse ! written within the constrains of --stipulated time,ever adaptable Space, Less number of Characters-- that too without a female role,and the affordable,morable probabilities of 'Money'.

The Play portrays the never ending trauma of the undermined or less priviledged 'Servant class' -- who is to serve,serve and to became 'Served by themselves'.

By taking maximum Theatrical liberties for its logic, this fictional narrative progresses with the Staccato Dialogues of Two Butlers. The typical servants of a Fifdom who are enchanted to serve the Feudal Lord for ever and ever.

Here the director with his use of minimal space trys to metaphorically point out the clutches of the Greedy "Power", which always squeezes the human conditions.

Play performed on Sandwitch theatre form [ the stage laid at the center and the audiance sitting two sides ].The Dining Table itself is the acting area. The Two protogonists traversed to convey through black humour how those who serve and finally themselves get " Served".

"........... It narrates how two domestic cook of a millionaire draw a lottery between them and pickout a name of one cook to be butchered into pieces and made in to a meal,to be served to their master".

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