.Film Review - ONE MAN SHOW

Direction : Shafi
Script : Rafi Mecartin
Cast : Jayaram, Lal, Samyuktha Verma, Manya, N F Varghese, Kalabhavan Mani, Janardanan, Salimkumar, Indrans and Sreeraman.

Since their last rib-tickler 'Thenkasippattanam' was a laugh riot, one would expect Rafi-Mecartin to ting their next film with a profuse dose of humor. But, the maiden directorial venture of Shafi, 'One Man Show' lacks the spark, verve and fun pace of Thenkasippattanam. At best, it will make you chuckle a handful of times, but it does not bring you meaningful humour which is beyond the slapstick numbers.


The main fault lies in the cliche ridden script which reminds us of Siddique Lal films. Rafi and Mecartin should have written something a little more original to keep the audience engrossed. Shafi's treatment is not so bad, but he cannot rise above the mediocrity of the plot. The first half of the film is pure gloss; romance, comedy and songs. However, after Lalīs entrance the film picks up a little but goes through the predictable twists and turns. The wafer thin plot could have been told in an hour but is unnecessarily stretched on for too long. Another major flaw is the wrong placement of song sequences especially the first song which begins with 'Rosappoo..'..A crush of coarse female extras lurch in the background, thrusting their corpulent hips into a strategically located camera as if in a Tamil film.


The plot unfolds as Jayakrishnan (Jayaram) a lawyer finds himself in a dilemma as he has not become successful in his profession. A sense of inferiority complex pervades his mind because his cousin Radhika (Samyuktha Verma) has already become an established lawyer. They are in love. Jayakrishnan is determined that he will marry her only after he wins a case. But, success continues to elude him. Adding fuel to the flames, the newly created case disturbs his peace of mind. He re-opens the case of Hari Narayanan (Lal) a psychopath who has been forced to live in a lunatic asylum. Hari's brother Raveendr dhanan) tries to wrest the control over the assets and properties of Harinarayanan. Jayakrishnan and his junior Ponnappan ( Kalabhavan Mani) become triumphant in their attempt to release him from the mental asylum.

The story takes a serous turn when Hari begins to show the signs of lunacy. Jayakrishnan finds himself amidst a cumulative debt trap caused by the insane activities of Harinarayanan. Jayakrishnan and Radhika are sentenced to imprisonment until they clear the debts of Ravindran. In order to settle the accounts, he decides to take part in the TV Game show 'Kodeeswaran' which is akin to Kon Benega Crorepathi, hosted by Mukesh himself. Jayakrishnan comes straight from jail on parole to participate in the game show and win the maximum prize money of one crore rupees.

Jayaram tries his best to keep us engaged throughout the film. He seems to be digging a grave for his career by sticking on to the stereotype role of an impish, lovable, merrimaker. We've had enough of him. Kalabhavan Mani and Salimkumar are supposed to provide comic interludes. Samyuktha Verma and Manya have nothing much to do in this film. Don't go about comparing it to Thenkasippattanam, for you would get disappointed. Can we come to the conclusion that Shafi, the debutante has successfully left a name for himself in the industry ? It is a disputable point.