.Film Review -Jagathi and Jagadish in Town - A Death Nail to the Coffin of Malayalam Cinema

Direction : Nissar
Script : Titus Maju
Cast : Jagathi, Jagadish, Innocent, Rajan P Dev, Kalabhavan Mani, Indrans, Mala Aravindan, T P Madhavan, Baburaj, Charmila, Swathi, Kaviyoor Renuka and Lavanya

A sketchy script, a shabby direction and flabby heroes are the essential ingredients to make a hotchpotch film like 'Jagathi and Jagadish in Town' A film that has everything, of what audience will get bored. Completely devoid of sense and substance, this film is yet another death nail to the coffin of Malayalam Cinema. Produced jointly by R P Gangadharan and director Pradeep (Mazhameghapravukal) this film has Jagathi and Jagadishin in double roles. However, it tries to test the audience's patience.

The man behind this pathetically shoddy piece of work is Nissar who always proclaims that he is trying to save the producers by making films on a shoe string budget. Films like this are made for the rural audiences, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn't have a proper story line and meaningful sequences. There are innumerable absurd scenes, nonsense dialogues and irritating screaming sound of the vulture in the background. Nissar has once again proved that poor production and semi-literate directors are more dangerous than terrorism. They destroy without weapon. They destroy the culture of cinema.

It tells the tale of twin brothers, Jagadeendran and Jagatheeswaran. Jagathi and Jagadish seem to spoil their career by playing double roles in this absolute trash movie. Devaki Amma (Kaviyoor Renuka) gave birth to twins twice and Nurse Rajamma (Santhadevi) got one of them at the time of delivery. Rajamma's husband (Mala Aravindan) was a thief . They were brought up under his guidance. They became thieves while Devaki Amma's children were brought up in an affluent family that enabled them to become effiicient cops in the future. This much beaten and bruised rehash of old movies is supposed to provide fun and frolic but

The direction is shoddy and could have been done better on a handheld camera. Plus the funny scenes and the serious scenes get so mixed up that you can hardly distinguish the two. So you end up laughing at the wrong times, and a horrible background score doesn´t help either. The story isn´t even convincing . The unconvincing plot ruins the whole thing, and with some haphazard scenes, things don´t get much better. To add to that the tacky songs and their even tackier picturisations do not help one bit and their placemant is even worse. Shoddy production values take away the cinematic elements from an already lame film. So here´s a tip on how to save your money...avoid this movie at all costs!

The director Nissar fails to elicit a single noteworthy performance from any of his actors including Jagathy and Jagadish. New comer Lavanya has nothing to do in this film. She is just another glamour doll and she fails to make her presence felt.

Review by N.P.Sajeesh (sajnp@rediffmail.com)