A fresh breeze is blowing over the crisis-ridden tinseldom, that needs a few miracles to get back to normal. Desperate Producers, scared by the debris of flops floating around the film industry, have begun cramming their films with fresh faces to pack the crowds in. The turn of the century saw the rise of new comers like Navya Nair, Meera Jasmin, Nitya Das etc. Now it is the turn of male stars. Fahadh (Fazil's latest offering) Jayasurya, Indrajith (Oomappenninu Uriyadappayyan) and Pridhwiraj (Nandanam) and Vineeth Kumar (Kanmashi) are making their debuts this year.With most of the women remain glued to television sets watching mega soaps in the comfort of their drawing rooms, only college students and the youth are patronizing the theatres. So, the filmmakers have decided to target the youthful clientele. This trend has provided a welcome sight to the ailing cinema industry.

Fazil is known to bring out the best from his actors. The ace director who has introduced a galaxy of exceptionally talented artistes that include the incredibly gifted Mohanlal, Sankar, Boban Kunchacko, Nadiya Moidu and Shalini, is all set to launch his son. There seems to be no dearth of ideas for him when it comes to dealing with love stories. His latest offering promises to offer a different love story set aginst the campus backdrop. Fahadh plays the role of the protagonist Sachin in the yet to be named film.

Affectionately called as Shanu, Fahadh is doing B.Com at S D College Alappuzha. Here, we will be stricken by a strange coincidence. Boban Kunchakko made his debut in the phenominally successful 'Aniyathipravu' while he was a second year B.Com student at the same college. Fahadh has decided to go abroad for higher studies and he is planning to do a course in Communication. Fahad is eagerly waiting for the fate of his launchpad.



Quite recently, the movie making approach has taken a new dimension and plethora of love stories are all set to start storming the box office. making, Kanmashi ( V M Vinu), Nandanam (Renjith) 'Oomappenninu Uriyadappayyan (Vinayan) and Kamal's new venture belong too this genre. Another new trend of introducing new faces as the teen sensation has also started. The new year has just begun. Keeping aside the bitter facts of last year which was plagued by the huge influx of soft porn films and spectacular flops, the industry seems to be optimistic as it -

gets ready with its offerings of new films that feature a host of new comers including Fahadh. There is hope in the air as everyone is waiting for the clock to tick, before the films are released and reality takes over.

N.P.Sajeesh (sajnp@rediffmail.com)