P.K. Sankarankutty Nair
C- 11, 15 Tilak Marg
New Delhi - 100 001

Place : Ottapalam
DOB : 1921
Parents Father : Kayarat Narayana Menon
Mother : Kottuthodi Lakshmi Amma.
Education : Malabar Christian College,
Calicut. Lucknow University.

Discovery of Sanjayan, the famous satirist. First cartoon appeared in 'Viwaroopam' in 1940, edited by Sanjayan. Since then a professional cartoonist. Invited to New Delhi by Shankar and later became staff cartoonist of National Herald, edited by Pandit Jawaharlala Nehru, published from Lucknow. Associated with cartoonist Shankar and Shankar's Weekly.

Now staff cartoonist of Bengali daily - 'AAJ KAAL' published from Calcutta Residing in New Delhi since 1946. Wife Kappana Gouri Menon. One daughter and one son.